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Introducation Of Artificial Oragans by Mr Harish Keerthi

Introducation Of Artificial Oragans by Mr Harish Keerthi, Trainer, ATHEENAPANDIAN ORGANIZATION

An designed device that may be implanted or integrated into a person's body, interacting with living tissue, is generally referred to as an artificial organ. 

Purpose of artificial organs.

In the field of transplantation medicine, the lack of organ donors has long been a significant bottleneck that has resulted in long waiting lists and, regrettably, the loss of lives. Artificial organs offer a remedy for this serious problem. 

Development in artificial organs technology.

 Medical experts, engineers, biologists, and material scientists work together on the development of artificial organs as a collaborative project.


Artificial Heart:

For those suffering from heart failure or other heart disorders or defects, a complete artificial heart may be a life-saving medical device. Your injured heart is replaced by the device, which pumps blood throughout the body and preserves good circulation.

Artificial Lung

Artificial lung devices are synthetic membranes that are attached to blood arteries via silicone tubes and cannulas. The apparatus oxygenates and removes carbon dioxide from the blood as it passes through it.

Artificial kidney

The artificial kidney device's inability to use water, dialysate solutions, or dialyzers eliminates the need for huge storage containers for home modalities and reverse osmosis water tanks.

Artificial bones

Artificial bone is a term for a bone-like substance made in a lab that can be used in bone grafts to replace human bone that has been lost as a result of severe fractures, illness, etc...


The development of artificial organs represents a paradigm shift in the field of medicine. These creations offer a beacon of hope for patients who were once bound by the limitations of organ scarcity. While challenges remain, the dedication of researchers and the rapid pace of technological advancement suggest that the future of artificial organs is promising..

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