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We Atheenapandian Private Limited started a new segment for student welfare, that is totally helpful for both the students and the faculties of Biomedical Engineering, this student welfare segment runs in the name of MIMEO PLUS (BME STUDENTS CHAPTER), located at our ATHEENAPANDIAN Head quarter Courtallam

Benefits of 'MIMEO PLUS

1. All Biomedical Subject notes available

2. All Biomedical Subjects question Banks available

3. All Biomedical subjects will be taught if the students are required

4. Steps to join the Professional Bodies

5. Biomedical Project titles and ideas available

6. Biomedical Career growth development activities available

7. National and International Biomedical Conference-related

dates and other details available

8. Biomedical Higher Studies ideas provided by our experts

9. Connect for International Placements for the experts

10. Master degree notes and question banks are also available here

11. Raw materials (Medical Images, Medical Signal Medical data & other records) for Research scholars available

FULL OF BIOMEDICAL (for beginners to experts) SUPERMARKETS here in our MIMEŎ PLUS

Contact us

Branch Office
Old Sf No.521/1b, New No.16, Courtallanathar Road, Vanavil Cottage Building, Courtallam, Tenkasi - 627802.
PH +918807039891
Email -

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