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Real Time Hands-on Human Model Creation using 3D PRINTING Technology

ATHEENAPANDIAN PRIVATE LIMITED Proudly Organized and International fovea-Z Biomedical Association Sponsored - Two days Practical Workshop on ' Real Time Hands-on Human Model Creation using 3D PRINTING Technology '

Date of the Program - 25th & 26th May 2024 (Saturday & Sunday)

Time - 10.00 a.m to 04.00 p.m.

Venue - Coimbatore Branch Office.

Detailed (Venue) Address - C-27 ATHEENAPANDIAN PRIVATE LIMITED, 4th Bus Stop, Chetan ma nagar, Villankurichi Post, Near Karumari amman Kovil. Coimbatore-641035

About the Program and Sesions (Agenda)

A significant breakthrough is taking place as 3D-printing technology progresses to create fully functional human organs. This pivotal achievement has the potential to revolutionise organ transplantation in the field of medicine, providing hope to patients worldwide currently awaiting life-saving procedures.

Session 1 - Introduction to 3D Printing and Bioprinting

The fundamental concepts of 3D printing and additive manufacturing, exploring their diverse applications across various industries.

Key topics include an overview of materials commonly used in 3D printing, the emerging field of bioprinting, and the formulation and characteristics of bioink. The potential of bioprinting in organ formation, advancements in tissue engineering.

Session 2 - Software Overview

Software aspects of 3D printing, covering essential design basics and software setup procedure. Model preparation techniques and provide an in-depth exploration of slicing software settings. Advanced modeling techniques.

Session 3 - 3D Printing Demonstration

Different types of 3D printers, Printer setup, calibration, and material selection processes, 

troubleshoot common issues and prioritize safety considerations in 3D printing environments. 

Session 4 - Model Creations

The creation of anatomical models and medical equipments using 3D printing techniques.The future trends in 3D printing within medical and industrial applications, gaining insights into  the innovative possibilities and potential impact of this rapidly evolving technology.

Benefits of the Workshop

  • Ability to Customize Organs Specific to Patients.

  • No Need to Wait for Organ Donation. 

  • Reduced Organ Rejection.

  • Lower Healthcare Costs. 

  • Less Animal Testing.

  • Cell Damage During Production.

  • Low-Quality Printers. ...

  • Limited Availability of Biomaterials.


Mr Sri Manoj Kumar

head - Biomedourse


Phone or Whatsapp - +918072322063

3D Printing Registration Link -

Course Fee - ₹1499/-

Total Seats - 40 can accommodate


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