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Intention of chatgpt in the field of medicine by Ms Nivedhitha

Intention of chatgpt in the field of medicine

Greetings of the day 

This article is all about the intention of chatgpt in the field of healthcare by Ms. M. Nivedhitha, Trainer, ATHEENAPANDIAN ORGANIZATION


   In recent years, the development of artificial intelligence make a huge impact on various fileds. One of the most remarkable development in this domain is chatgpt. 

What is chatgpt ? 

 Chatgpt is developed by OpenAI. It is a smart computer that can be programmed to talk with the users through chats and helping them to understand the questions and giving them a relevant informations. 

Chatgpt in healthcare : 

  This technology can be used for diagnosis, medical educations , research , radiography and medical educations . It can assist healthcare professionals in researching disease and diagnosing , visualizing, anatomy and to analyse medical images.

24/7 service : 

       Chatgpt provide around the clock service is the most significant advantage. It can eliminate the waiting hours or appointment and provide guidance and information at any time to the patient . Whether it can ready to provide information about symptoms, post operative care or general health services.

Discovery of drugs 

      Chatgpt can provide the data about the drugs . It can speed up the drug discovery process by analysing the biological and chemical data..

Medical image inspection

       The application of chatgpt elucidate Medical images such as X rays , MRI and CT scan to aid in diagnosis and detection. 

Clinical decision support

        It can aid healthcare professionals for making more informed and accurate clinical decisions


        Chatgpt can play a vital role in telemedicine by providing a virtual consultations and preliminary assessments.


        The intention of chatgpt in healthcare represents a significant role in patients education, engagement and support. Its ability to provide timely information, assist healthcare professionals, and promote preventive care holds promise for transforming the way we approach healthcare.


With Best Regards.

Ms Nivedhitha

Biomedical Trainer


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