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5 reasons – Why you are not been selected in the interview?

Updated: May 5, 2023


This article will give a clarity about the interview process and also the normal procedures for the recruiters to shortlisting the required candidates resumes

1. Poor resume value

he recruiters to shortlisting the candidate’s resumes

The competition for any job is gradually increasing, it is the tough job for the recruiters to shortlisting the candidate’s resumes, approximately 10000 application are there for only the 100 vacancies, mostly out of 10000 resume only 500 resumes are shortlisted, the reason behind that is the interviewer are supposed to follow the different strategy to shortlisting the 500 resumes, the strategy followed maybe the quality of the resume, the quality replicates how the person is good in academic studies and nonacademics activities during their degree courses, they are not actually looking for only the person’s academic percentage or CGPA, they are keenly looking for the involvement of the candidate attain to do some good projects or receiving any certificate courses which relate the current job or any training attended, etc.

2. Most horrible Performance

 interview all the candidates are allowed to perform in all the rounds

Mostly there are three or four rounds to be planned for shortlisting the candidates, in some of the interview all the candidates are allowed to perform in all the rounds and then finally according to the cumulative of marks he or she scored in all the rounds be used for shortlisting but in many of the companies only the person is allowed who can be cleared or shortlisted in their previous round, so each and every lap is very important, surely you need to give hundred percent commitment to all the rounds, once you fail to give the commitment or concentration then you will lose the chance to move into the next round even though you are good in skill, they did not mind about anything.

3. Underprivileged attitude

don’t sit simply calm

The interviewer observes the attitude of the person those who come for the interview in such a way that how the person is answering the questions since the answer is right or wrong that is secondary but primarily the interviewer absorbs how the person absorb the question and respond that to the interviewer, where ever you have gone for the interview, the first thing you need to follow is to concentrate more on what happens around you in the interview room, your mind should keenly absorb the interviewer, even though you do not know the answer, don’t sit simply calm, you need to open your mouth and say something that relegates the question. If you are sitting calmly then the interviewer decides that you are not been bold and active.

4. Terrible updated knowledge

Terrible updated knowledge

The candidate should have current updating knowledge on the sales and If the service market and also the competitive barrier in the market of the same company, so the fresher must go through the company websites and try to remember the names of the leadership, the company revenue, products, department and the recent news and update of the company.

5. Pitiable performance (Patience and mind reader)

Pitiable performance

In most of the company, the recruiters expecting the fresher’s need to complete any certification or training courses during their studies, certificate courses is maybe an online course or an implant training in any reputed or related industries, at least they need experience in handling the basic hospital equipment and also patience play a main vital role in the biomedical market, so during the final round of interview, the observer observes the candidates role, patience ability, and mind-reading capability.

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