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On 05th Apr 2024 Friday, We Atheenapandian Private Limited successfully initiate our 1st INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE APPLIED SCIENCE ENGINEERING & TECHNOLOGY (ICASET'24) C olloborated with Sengunthar Engineering College - India

It is the great opportunity for us to promote the Research ideas to the next level.

My hearty thanks to the Chief Quest of our innagural function Respecred & most efficient Dr HEMA KUMAR B Associate Dean of Research Puducherry Technological University Puducherry

My Sincere thanks to the Respected Prof.A.Baladhandapani, M.A.,M.Phil., - Secretary and Correspondent, Dr. R.Satish Kumar M.E., Ph.D., - Principal & Mr Mohammadu Saadiq Raja, Head, Medical Electronics.

Before starting the program, we have a discussion in the Correspondent office, very impressive & enthusiastic way of conversational approaches with senior & higher officials of Sengunthar Institutions.

Correspondent's approaches is very humble and the same time, his speech shows that, he was well updated with recent scenarios in the field of higher education.

Got one more chance to expose my self to talk something about the healthcare industry to the young and experienced engineers, professors & Researchers.

The awesome feel to publish the Conference proceedings & the gallery associates in the state with higher officials.

Also, my team published four paper in our conference

I personally invite Dr HEMA KUMAR B Asso Dean, Research and Sponsored, Puducherry Technological University #puducherry

On behalf of Atheenapandian Private Limited   ATHEENAPANDIAN ORGANIZATION - India's No.1 Biomedical Industry for Training & Placements  & fovea-Z Biomedical Association i would like to appreciate your presence and the speech you delivered during our inagural guest speech.

Myself Dr S. ATHEENA MILAGI PANDIAN (BIOMEDICAL ENGINEER)  & Rashika Murugan attended this function and get benefitted.

Last but not least my great ful thanks to my friend Mr Mohammadu Sadaiq Raja, for his tremondous support for me from the beginning for the personal development of our incorporation.


With Best Regards


Founder & CEO

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