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751819-661324.4161.4360.50011812.1361.2160.531530LaserTherapie1.5Modalischer Laser3. eines Laserbeutels1. eines Wassersofttablets2. Heilpflichtsuggestion2. Organisational Network Data {#Sec11} --------------------------- In both phases of the study, network graphs of organisational units were constructed. Network graphs are composed of nodes and edges. Nodes represent entities, in this case organisational units, and edges represent connections between nodes, in this case contacts between organisational units. In the first phase, network graphs were generated for the entire research project and were subsequently analysed for subgraphs, in this case projects (Fig. [1](#Fig1){ref-type="fig"}). This phase was completed before the interviews started, thus using network graphs derived from available data. In the second phase, network graphs were based on all interviews that had been carried out and the project team's organisational network graphs were analysed for patterns. The following sections will outline the analytical approach that was used to process organisational network data.Fig. 1.Organisational network graphs of the entire research project Stage 1. Focusing on Interactions in Projects {#Sec12} --------------------------------------------- In order to focus on the interactions within subgraphs, network graphs of the projects were generated. This phase was completed before the interviews started




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