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Why it is so important for Biomedical Equipment and Biomedical Engineer in Health care?

Updated: May 7, 2023

This article was created by Mr. Mohamed Sheik Mydeen, Senior Biomedical Trainer, ATHEENAPANDIAN PRIVATE LIMITED

Why it is so important for Biomedical Equipment and Biomedical Engineer in Health care

In this article, I am going to say something about the importance of biomedical equipment and biomedical engineering in health care. Primarily we all know about the number of biomedical equipment present in multispecialty hospitals, which is expected to be more than 15000+ and all are more valuable. Since these equipment are used for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes these are considered to be valuable.

Biomedical Equipment and Biomedical Engineer in Health care

In the absence of this equipment in the hospital, the physicians and doctors can't able to witness the patients' condition. Consider the Heart specialist doctor having Stethoscope, Sphygmomanometer, and ECG helping them to analyze the problems present with a cardiac patient and treat them. For many others,

doctor can able to give the treatment

A stethoscope seems to be a simple device but if the stethoscope is not their means, the doctor didn't know about heart-related disease so the device will be helpful to the doctor that is why the doctor can able to give the treatment, this is why medical equipment is the most important things in health care. After that, if there are any problems or troubles that occur in the device like servicing and maintenance of equipment in hospitals, it all will be taken care of only by the biomedical engineer. Because doctors, nurses, and other physicians all are known about human anatomy and physiological functions but they don't about the equipment structure, circuit function, internal parts, and electronics

critical care equipment

So they are not doing anything with the equipment, biomedical engineers only can able find the problems and troubleshoot them.

Finally, we can easily understand that equipment without a biomedical engineer or a hospital without equipment is nothing. So both biomedical engineering and medical equipment make the healthcare industry complete.

biomedical engineer or hospital without an equipment is nothing

Thank You Very Much

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MR .I. Mohamed Sheik MYdeen

Senior Biomedical Trainer


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