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Steps to write & Publish Technical Journal by Ms SamiPriya

This article is all about HOW TO WRITE A JOURNAL by Ms Sami Priya, Biomedical Trainer, ATHEENAPANDIAN PRIVATE LIMITED


The title of the article is the best indicator to the readers that they will get your research and ideas from the title. It should be precise, concise and informative. You should include content relevant to your topic, but you should avoid formula and abbreviations.


Keywords is an important part of a journal. It will show the journal when readers search for reading. Keywords give a journal quality.


Abstract is the short form of your journal, the reader always gets an idea of the journal from the abstract. The abstract consists of main body of the journal, which should be mainly 300 words. The abstract should be:

What is the new invention of your journal

What is type of research you are doing

What methods used in your journal


The introduction is an important part of your journal, which explains the title and main body of the journal. The introduction should be short and it should create interest for the readers.


The main body is the description of your journal. Each paragraph should contain different ideas of your journal, and each paragraph should contain information that is connected to all the paragraphs of your journal.


The conclusion is a summary of your main body, and no new concept should be added to the conclusion. Conclusion of your article should review your topic and why it is important.


References and citations should be well balanced, present and appropriate. Pay attention to your citations because your citations should not be more than 10 years old. Citations are very important to your research


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