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Roles of Biomedical Engineer in the Hospital

Generally, the hospital includes doctors, nurses, office workers, pharmacists, and the management officials, they all have different responsibilities in accordance with their designation, for example,

Doctors are responsible to diagnose the patient's illness and also to give therapeutic treatment to the particular patient to recover from the illness, Nurses are responsible to monitor the patient those who are admitted to the hospital and also responsible to assist the doctors. Apart from all these responsibilities, the engineers, those who help the doctors by providing and maintaining the quality diagnostical and therapeutical equipment in the hospital for the recovery of patient's illness in a comfortable and easy way, that engineers are called the BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERS in the Hospital

Most important roles and responsibilities are listed below with small descriptions

Proper Maintenance of all the equipment

Management and performance of Breakdown Maintenance (Repair) biomedical equipment

Responsible to take defensive measures

Management and routine of Planned Preventive Maintenance of Biomedical equipment in all the departments of the hospital

Responsible to calibrate the medical devices

Calibration, recital confirmation and certifications of all the Biomedical equipment and also the biomedical engineer should take the responsibility to troubleshoot the equipment at the instance of time

Responsible for Convenience or Utility documentation

For the duration of fitting of complicated type of equipment, Biomedical Engineers should take responsibility to assess the effectiveness needs of equipment viz. tonnage of AC, electrical power, drainage system necessary and make viability account.

Responsible to install the critical equipment in the absence of service engineer

Arrangement & setting up for all types of complicated Bio-Medical Equipment especially for the department of Radiology and ICU

Responsible for the formation of a programmed database

Self-motivated software for upholding work command, preventative protection agenda, and technician occasion.

Responsible to make pre-purchase assessment & arbitration in Procurement

Examination of equipment description in clinical surroundings makes certain technical and clinical satisfactoriness.

Responsibility to homeward bound scrutiny of equipments

By means of the particular testing and calibration of equipment for electrical safety, proper calibration, and operational verification.

Responsible to make a note of all sort of requirements

Scheduling and procurement of spare parts obligatory fro BM/PM/PPM.

Responsible to taking care of maintenance agreement

Investigation of equipment failure and assessment of repair cost, scheduling of repair/PM visits, certification, scrutinizing the equipment uptime, review maintenance contract in terms of quality and receptiveness of overhaul supplier to make choice on the adaptation of service indenture.

Responsibility to taking care of Equipment Retirement Process

Biomedical Engineers also decides the most favorable lifespan of healthcare organization’s technology and its aging, out-modeled, and inappropriately costly instrumentation is retired in agreement with a based on reason equipment substitute policy. Integral with this plan is the Biomedical Engineer's role in advising whether to shift to a newer, more innovative technology or to stay with the tried and true one.

Responsible for the Equipment Risk Management

The direct economic reimbursement, security gets improved as the more challenging equipment is acknowledged, labeled with a senior risk score and inspecting more often.

Responsible for Technical Documentation and Training

Conducting training programs for trainee engineers and customers/users and also for students with a higher risk rating and scrutinized more frequently and also maintain proper technical documentation and its analysis.

'Without a biomedical engineer in the hospital, is just like an airplane without a pilot'

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