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"Mumps cases surge in Delhi and NCR"

Research article on 'Mumps cases surge in Delhi and NCR'

Author - Sri Manoj Kumar from ATHEENAPANDIAN PVT LTD

Co-author - Rashika Murugan, Mohammed Sahil, & Sudherson from ATHEENAPANDIAN PVT LTD

Let's we have to know about the mumps, During the mumps outbreak in Delhi, taking quick action and making well-informed decisions are crucial. Parents can successfully manage this health challenge and protect their children during the increase in viruses by educating themselves and taking preventive actions. It affects children ages between 6 and 7.Besides Delhi, Kerala also faced a rise in mumps cases recently.

Let we Know about Mumps,

What are Mumps?

Mumps is the result of an infection by the paramyxovirus belonging to the Rubulavirus family, impacting the parotid glands responsible for saliva production, causing visible swelling on one or both sides of the face.

Which Part is affected by Mumps?

The paramyxovirus from the Rubulavirus family is responsible for causing mumps, a condition that impacts the parotid glands responsible for saliva production, leading to visible swelling on both sides of the face.

Signs and symptoms of mumps include.

  • Inflammation on either side or both sides of the face

  • Pain and sensitivity in the area of puffiness, close to the facial region, jawline, and ears.

  • Elevated body temperature

  • Pain in the ear

  • Soreness in the body

  • Pain in the head

  • Inadequacy 

Are mumps curable?

Although there is no particular cure for mumps, providing supportive care can help ease symptoms and facilitate the healing process. Here are steps you can take to prevent this increase in virus spread.Vaccination: It is essential to make sure your child receives the recommended two doses of the MMR vaccine (measles, mumps, and rubella). This vaccine offers essential defense against these infectious diseases.

Prevention of Mumps

Ø  Limit Exposure: If a child shows signs that may indicate mumps, like facial swelling, fever, or body pains, it's important to keep them home and avoid social events to stop spreading the disease.

Ø   Hand Hygiene

Promote frequent handwashing with soap and water, particularly prior to eating and following time spent in crowded areas. This easy method can greatly decrease the likelihood of getting and transmitting mumps.

Ø  Practice Respiratory Etiquette: Instruct kids to use a tissue or their elbow to cover their mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing in order to reduce the spread of infectious droplets.

If a child shows signs of mumps, it is important to seek medical help promptly. By being knowledgeable and taking preventive actions, parents can actively protect their children's health during the mumps outbreak.

Best Regards,

N.Sri Manoj Kumar, and his team

Biomedical Trainer,

Atheenapandian Organization.

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