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Modern health care systems in the Biomedical field.

Updated: May 7, 2023

This article was written by Mr. Guhapriyan, Biomedical Trainer, ATHEENAPANDIAN PRIVATE LIMITED.

Modern health care systems in the Biomedical field

Significance of Biomedical Devices

Biomedical devices are designed for the purpose of diagnose

Biomedical devices are designed for the purpose of diagnosing and treating the disorders of human organs, Approximately 81% of those Biomedical devices are composed of basic electronic components like resistors, capacitors, fuse, circuit breakers, diodes, etc, used for processing the Vital Bio-signals. Categories in Biomedical Devices In modern healthcare systems, Biomedical Equipment is designed as

  • Wired Devices

  • Wireless

  • Ambulatory or Mobile type of Devices and

  • Wearable type of devices.

These devices are more comfortable for the users (doctors and patients) to handle and also it does not cause any illness to the doctors and patients. Role and Importance of Electronics in Biomedical Devices

basic electronic components

In particular, apart from the basic electronic components, the devices are also composed of Some requirements of Biosensors, integrated circuits (microprocessors and micro-controllers), batteries, etc. These devices are particularly used for transmitting and visualizing vital parameters such as temperature, heart rate, pulse rate, etc., and processing the Vital Bio signals like ECG, EMG, EEG, EOG, etc.

Software Roles in Biomedical Devices

medical software

Along with the electrical and electronics components medical equipment requires medical software to read some of the parameters, software includes ZigBee, Oracle, Java, IoT, CLAD, etc.

Assistive devices in healthcare In recent modern healthcare, technology, some prosthetic and implantable devices are available. We pointed out ICD, Artificial kidney, and implantable gall bladder.

Artificial kidney, implantable gall bladder

As a health care professional, I hope that the strategy of modern health care may be raised triple the times in 2030.

Thank you

Yours truly

Guhapriyan C

Biomedical Trainer


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