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How to correlate human physiology and electronics in the Biomedical field

Updated: May 7, 2023

This article was published by Mr. Abdul Basith, Biomedical Trainer, ATHEENAPANDIAN PRIVATE LIMITED How to correlate human physiology and electronics in the Biomedical field

human physiology and electronics in Biomedical field

Our bodies have different physiological functionalities which are enhancing our life. Those things are done by the electrical signals which are passed throughout the body.

The electrical signals are generated for the purpose of maintaining the mechanisms like pumping the heart, receiving and sending the signals of the brain, etc.

On the other hand, electronic devices are designed with electronic components which are controlling, regulate, and process electrical signals for the reason of doing any task like glowing a light, etc.

*Health care Monitors*

capacity to monitor important electrophysiological

Nowadays all these kinds of electrical and electronic devices are currently being engineered that bind directly within organs and tissues. These kinds of devices act like mediators or stimulators of electricity with the capacity to monitor important electrophysiological events, replace disabled parts, or even stimulate tissues to overcome their current limitations.

*Prosthetic and Cybernetic*

enable the paralyzed to move again

The application of cybernetic prosthetics is numerous and rapidly expanding in the healthcare industry. For example, we can take the spinal cord implant that enables the paralyzed to move again, we have the retinal implants that bridge the gap between the brain and the blind eye to restore vision in the patient, and also scientists are trying to unite the electronics with living tissues to create cyber organic transplants with an unheard of properties. Cybernetic devices that can harvest energy from the moving body without the need for any interventions or revision surgeries to replace old batteries. The field of cybernetics makes mankind enter the next step on the ladder of human evolution.

Ultimately, the engineering of flexible electronics that can blend right in with the human body has driven the field of cybernetics to reach the capacity to deliver truly outstanding human-machine interfaces.

human machine interfaces

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