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Does shift basis exists for biomedical engineer in hospitals

Updated: May 5, 2023

The healthcare industry is growing as the population demand ... A day in the life of an Engineering...

I can easily answer in a word, but that may not add any evidence to my answer, so I am paraphrasing!

Telling about my experience as a Hospital biomedical engineer, I can say I had many instances of turning up late from work.

Well you may think work force shortage and hospital issue. No, it is not like that. I began my carrier with one of the reputed hospitals. Neither the shortage of personnel’s nor the management compulsion. However, the importance of work made us to stretch beyond the shift time.

Every biomedical engineer should know this fact. Work may or may not be completed within the shift time. However, what the most important is “Prioritizing your work”. Learn this art and you will be able to work smart! Few instances you may need to contribute more, never give up your zeal. You decided to be extraordinary and you are not following the queue.

So another question that can spark in your mind. What about Work life balance? How long I will serve others, when I will live my own life. My answer will be Mastering the skills is the requisite, because majority of the situations consume time for troubleshooting the issue than to fix. Expect the unexpected, be prepared, be technically updated, and focus on preventive measures. Well, these are the key points and on your own experience, the list may shrink or grow.

When you completely immersed in your work, when you apply enthusiastic in the job you carry, then time and shift will no longer hinder you.

No matter if, you are a hospital based or field based (Company based) biomedical engineer, your role is inevitable and highly appreciable. We are in a noble profession. We are joining hands with Doctors to save and serve patients.

Does shift basis exists for biomedical engineer in hospitals

Hope this brief reveals my answer. Value your work, value yourself.

““Always provide more service than you expected,,

No matter what your task may be”

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Sep 23, 2021

Lovely blog you hhave here

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