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Certificate Course on BIOMEDICAL RESEARCH & IPR

Dear Pursuing Engineers,

Our incorporarion planned to provide a Course on RESEARCH

from 11th Mar 2024 at Chennai & Coimbatore

Here the participants can learn about the

Day 1

  1. Biomedical Research Areas (Biosenslrs, Biophotonics, Bio-Instrumentation, Genomics etc

Day 2

  1. Biomedical Journal paper preparation

Day 3

  1. Pattern apply (Patterns are categorized mainly into three categories: Creational Design Pattern, Structural Design Pattern, and Behavioral Design Pattern. These are differed from each other on the basis of their level of detail, complexity, and scale of applicability to the entire system being design.)

Day 4

  1. IPR Fillings ( it is important to create a triplicate application that has both the applicant's and the agent's signatures. Besides the application, the applicant must also submit a statement of the case that explains how and why the invention is unique.)

Day 5

  1. Types of Grants & Funds (There are three types of funds of the Central Government – Consolidated Fund of India (Article 266), Contingency Fund of India (Article 267) and Public Accounts of India (Article 266) mentioned in the Indian Constitution.

Mode of Course - Online & Offline

Location - Chennai & Coimbatore

Certificate with photo provided

don't miss the opportunity

Visit www.atheenapandian.comCall +917502599891   /   +918807039891



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