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An Ingredient facts behind MRI Scanner machine by Mr Mohammad Sahil

This article is based on an Ingredient facts behind MRI Scanner machine by Mr Mohammed Sahil, Biomedical Trainer, ATHEENAPANDIAN ORGANIZATION


•An MRI referred as 'Magnetic Resonance Imaging'. • The first magnetic resonance scanning machine was invented by "Raymond damadian", He is the father of MRI. • After inventing an MRI, the first magnetic resonance scanning was done on 1977.

What is MRI?

• It is a Radiology imaging technique by using magnetic resonance concept. • It uses a radio wave, magnetism and computer will produce images of body structures. • It diagnosing on 3-Dimensional(3D) imaging view, very detailed scanning and better view of soft tissues, comparing CT scan.

What we need to take scanning done on MRI machine?

 It will diagnose the conditions like • Brain, including tumors • Spinal cord injuries • Musculoskeletal problems • Gastrointestinal tract conditions • Soft tissue and Bone pathology Who Can’t have an MRI Scan? • a cardiac pacemaker • a cochlear implants • If you are pregnant • metallic foreign body in your eye • certain clips in your head from brain operations Principle of MRI: • The principle (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) NMR is that many hydrogen nuclei have spin and all nuclei are electrically charged. • MRI makes use of the magnetic properties of certain atomic nuclei. • The hydrogen nuclei will partially aligned by applying strong magnetic field. • The nuclei can be rotated using radio waves, and it subsequently oscillate in the magnetic field.

Main parts of MRI Scan machine?

• Scanner (3 coils) (Static Magnetic field coil, Gradient coil, RF coil) • Computer • Recording hardware

Advantages of MRI:

• No ionizing radiation • Variable thickness in any plane • Many details without IV Contrast

Disadvantages of MRI:

• Very expensive • MRI scan will not prescribed for who have placed metallic devices within the body. • RF transmitters will cause severe burn if we have mishandled.


With Best Regards

Mr Mohammed Sahil

Biomedical Trainer


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