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6 things need for a best biomedical institution

Updated: May 5, 2023

6 things need for a best biomedical institution

Biomedica engineering students have a dream to become a good and promising biomedical engineer, so the institution management should be providing the needed facilities, here we discuss about the fundamental requirements of the students

1. Experience and well biomedical knowledgeable Faculty

biomedical knowledgeable Faculty

The Department of Biomedical Engineering required at least 09 faculty members for 60 intakes of students, at least 4 of them have a doctorate degree with minimum 10 years of experience in teaching if 120 intakes of students then at least 18 faculty members are required with 10 of them have research experience with a Ph.D. degree and also all the faculties should have a well-exposing knowledge in doing research and projects.

2. Library and Laboratory

Library and Laboratory

The department separately needs well-established library facilities with all prescribed text and reference books. Well equipped and safety Laboratories such as Biochemistry, Anatomy, Signal and Image Processing, Instrumentation for diagnostic and therapeutic are must available.

3. Research/Centre of excellence

Research/Centre of excellence

The department should have a separate place for the students for doing project work, research lab should be open 24 hrs in a day, faculties should encourage the students to do the project and apply for the conferences and patents.

4. MoU Connect

MoU Connect

The department should have a memorandum of understanding with well-reputed Biomedical Companies and hospitals, it will help the students to attend the internship and training program during their 4 years of courses.

5. Placement


The department should have a very good placement record, the department placement coordinator should have touch with the passed out students and the HR manager of biomedical core companies.

6. Clean and calm environment

Clean and calm environment

The environment is a very good key factor the students have some courage in studies, management should give [roper ventilations to the students to score more marks.

Faculty members are the key to improvise the student's ability in research and doing projects

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