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5 Necessary things to remember to operate any biomedical devices

Updated: May 7, 2023

This article was written and published by Mr. C.Guhapriyan, Biomedical Trainer, ATHEENAPANDIAN GROUP.

5 requirements to operate any biomedical devices 1. Power Supply (PS) 2. Power Regulation Unit (PSU) 3. Motherboard (MB) 4. Control and Display Unit (CDU) 5. Task Achieving Component (TAC) Power Supply All Electrical and Electronic devices require a power supply to generate an electrical signal and operate the instrument properly. Generally in India, a Power Supply of 220-240 V AC has been generated.

Power Regulation Unit The power Regulation Unit regulates the power according to the machine's requirements. Every medical device needs a different power rating. It may be high or low voltage, alternating or direct current, and high or low frequency. With the help of PRU, we can easily control the power supplied.

Motherboard The board is used to control, regulate and allocate the electrical signals to generate electricity for achieving a particular task. This is the processing hub for all circuits.

Control and Display Unit The machine can be manufactured and designed quite impressively, but we need to operate it with the help of the control unit. The display Unit helps to interface with the user.

Task Achieving Component Each and every machine has some task-achieving component. Though a power supply is needed for all the devices, the main requirement is TAC to perform tasks. Thank You

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