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5 Most Important Things to Be Carried Out By a Fresher - Kriya Sakthi M, Biomedical Intern

Ms M. Kriya Sakthi, a Biomedical Intern, ATHEENAPANDIAN ORGANIZATION, here she want to share her thoughts on - The 5 Most Important Things to Be Carried Out by a fresher.

University is the final stage of life, but the transition to the working world is important. Academic knowledge is important, but in-depth work experience is also required. It can be difficult for new students to adjust to new people, places and times. As Jillian Michaels says, "It's not about being perfect. It's about effort." Professional strategies can solve these problems and help to succeed in final work. Let’s talk about it in detail!


· Effective communication is an important skill for professionals because it provides a basis for others to understand and form opinions about them, making it easier for them to reach out when necessary.

· It also helps in company productivity and is highly sought after by employers, making it essential for freshmen to possess strong communication skills.

· Presenting oneself well can help one’s communication abilities. It can also be improved by developing public speaking skills by practicing speech in front of a mirror.

Time Management

· Time management is important because it demonstrates commitment and maintains reputation.

· Effective organizing skills are crucial for time management, prioritizing tasks, and organizing work effectively, which is essential for managing larger projects and future roles.

· Maintain a journal or organizer for task prioritization, create an action plan, set deadlines, and sort jobs based on due dates for timely completion.

Problem-Solving Capacity

· Newcomers need to quickly identify and solve issues in an organization, as it's more productive to take action rather than wailing over problems.

· They are expected to provide solutions rather than just explanations, as this saves time and effort.

· Practice for assignments that may succeed or fail, create a comprehensive job plan, and make an effort to prepare for all potential challenges to achieve full capability.

 Collaborative Effort

· Even if one is good at one's job, the saying "one for many, all for one" can go a long way in helping one succeed in one's job.

· Teamwork is crucial to business success because individual performance is not enough to determine failure.

· Show kindness, patience, and understanding to employees by recognizing and solving their problems, responding to requests for assistance, and providing genuine assistance from the heart.


· Motivation is a crucial quality for new hires seeking work. A work-on-your-own mentality sets individuals apart from others, as does a burning desire to work hard.

· A motivated professional with dedication, aspiration, and optimism is crucial for career advancement, as they can perform independently without constant supervision.

· Internal motivation is a crucial quality for a long-term successful profession, making it the primary focus rather than external factors.



With Best Regards

Ms M. kriya Sakthi

Biomedical Intern


Coimbatore Branch Office

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