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5 major differences between the Clinics, the General and the Multi specialized hospital

Updated: Sep 27, 2023

5 major differences between the Clinics, the General and the Multi specialized hospital

There are different types of hospitals available for the public, this article is about the various kinds of hospitals and their differences.

1. Facilities

biomedical facility


Clinics do not have any major types of equipment, it only has some minor equipment and accessories such as a stethoscope, sphygmomanometer, thermometer, IV pole, patient table, first aid kit, etc, the candidate does not expect any major level of treatment.

General/Short-term Care Hospital

The short-diagnosis and the therapeutic process will be done here, for example, various ultrasounds scanning, maternity/delivery process, etc, and also only a few beds are available in the in-patient wards, the patients are not supposed to stay more than three days.

Multispecialty hospital

All kinds of facilities available here in this multispecialty hospital so all the diagnoses and various therapeutic treatment processes will available with many numbers of workers and physicians.

2. Number of physicians/doctors



One or two physicians along with one helper will be accessible here for the patients.

Small Hospital

Five or more physicians with a maximum of ten nurses and helpers were working here for the patient's care.

Multispecialty hospital

More than 15 physicians, expert surgeons along with more than 25 nurses and 40 helpers are available for taking care of the patients.

3. Availability

doctors are free, there is no proper time management


24/7 services are not available, the clinics opened only when the doctors are free, there is no proper time management here and also all Sundays is a holiday.

There are no in-patient beds are available.

Small Hospital

24/7 services are available but the doctor's availability is not sure, only the nurses will take care of the patients if in case of any emergency then nurses will make a call to the doctors to come from the residence. So during an emergency condition, the general hospital is not fair enough for the patients.

Minimal in-patient beds available only for the short term, the patients are not supposed to stay more than two days.

Multispecialty hospital

24/7 services availability of doctors and nurses, they all working under the shift basis so the patient is under monitoring 24/7 in the hospital.

They maintain the doctor versus bed ratio.

4. Surgery/Treatment



Minor or major surgery is not possible because of the non-availability of manpower and machines.

Small Hospital

Minor surgeries are possible here for example maternity/delivery, minor wound stitching, some physiotherapy treatment, etc.

Multispecialty hospital

All kind of surgeries is available here with proper and specialized physicians.

5. Locality


Available in Clinics

At least one clinic will available in around 4 to 6 km surroundings of urban areas and 8 to 10 km of rural areas.

Small Hospital

A minimum of one general hospital will available in one panchayat. Most of the villages do not have any general hospitals. The people need to travel around 20 km for visiting general hospital.

Multispecialty hospital

It is mostly available in metropolitan cities like Chennai, Delhi, Madurai, Hyderabad, Colombo, etc

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Uma Devi
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