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4 basic things to know about stem cell

Updated: Jul 26, 2023

4 basic things to know about stem cell

A stem cell is recent techniques to become a solution for may disorders and infections, this article Will gives you about the 4 good things of stem cell and how it became a solution for many disabilities.

1. What is a stem cell?

stem cell

It is a kind of cell, mostly present in the bone marrow or muscles of the human body, this can not have any special structure and function as like \the other cells such as nerve cell, muscular cell, etc, it is present only for the reason is that to generate new cell.

2. Role of stem cell

Role of stem cell

There are over billions of cell can attain apoptosis (Programmed cell death), at the same time billions of cell can newly form to replace the vacancy of dead cells, that kind of new cells can be developed by the stem cells for example erythrocytes, leukocytes and thrombocytes can be produced in the bone marrow by means of the stimulation of stem cell, exactly the blood cells can be generated by the stem cell present in the bone marrow. Like that many of the new cells in the human body can be created or manufactured by the stem cell.

3. Dissimilar stem cell

Dissimilar stem cell

There are three types of stem cell are there, one is an embryonic stem cell, the second one is an adult stem cell and lastly, the third one is Pluripotent stem cell, the first type of the stem cell that is embryonic stem cell can able to produce any type of new cell or tissue in the human body, the second adult stem cell cannot have an ability to produce all type cell but it has a capacity to produce their own cell, for example, the muscle stem cell can generate only the muscle cell not to generate nerve cell or any other cell and vice versa and lastly the Pluripotent stem cell can have an ability to generate any cell from the

different cell, for example, the forearm skin stem cell can be reprogrammed to generate new eye cell or new nerve cell or any. Sir John B. Gurdon and Shinya Yamanaka jointly winning the noble prize for the invention of the Pluripotent stem cell in the year 2012.

4. A stem cell is an elucidation for many diseases

stem cell is an elucidation for many diseases

Each and every person in the world been mostly infected or affected by any minor or major diseases in their lifetime, if the person is affected by any minor injury or diseases then the surgeon can attain minor surgery to operate the particular organ or tissue but if the person is affected by any rare diseases or major infection for example leukemia or retinitis pigmentosa or any other skin or blood diseases can be cured through two possible ways one is to transplant the particular organ from the external donor or can introduce reprogrammed stem cell to generate the new cell after removing the damaged cell or tissue.

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