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3D Printing is turned as ‘Bio-printing’ for Biomedical Advertise

A physiological model of any human tissue or organ can be done by using some complex biomechanical analysis but in the recent year there is a new device can able to create a new model with greater accuracy that is called 3D printers, let us know the technology of the device in detail


The physicians are supposed to observe the patient’s body physically with minor equipment such as a stethoscope, thermometer, sphygmomanometer, patient monitoring system, etc, if the doctor finds difficulty in diagnosing then the patient’s condition, then they are advised to take scanning the internal organs by using computer tomography scanners (CT scan) or magnetic resonance imaging scanners (MRI scan).


The CT scan and MRI scan have various features such as an ability to produce more number of slicing of images to help the physicians to find out the exact location of the infected area, once the reconstruction process is getting over in the scanning device then the images viewing in three-dimension views but some of the old generation scanning device does not have any separate software for reconstructing so the physicians are ned to capture the slicing of images and then reconstructed using some new separate software such as MIMIC software which has a programme for image reconstruction.

Printing of reconstructed images

The reconstructed images are allowed to copying in the memory card or pen drive then the images are been loaded in the printer from CD or pen drive. The bio-printer individually has some of the materials like Polylactic acid, polyamide, glass filled polyamide, stereolithography materials, silver, titanium and more biomaterials are considered as a biomaterials and it is very comfortable to create the mechanical and biological model.

Replacing human organ model

Once the model is getting ready then the prototype is analyzed by the surgeon and then it is treated with some cell culture or giving practice according to the function of the replacing organ, then it is fully ready for implanting the tissue or organ successfully

Benefits behind bio-printing

The greater benefits of bio-printing is that to give a greater advantage to the doctor to note many things on the prototype, This bio-printing is very easily accessible, faster production of reconstructed image model will take just an hour’s with excellent quality of various unlimited shapes and geometry, on the other hand, difficult ideas and designs with conservative manufacturing methods can take more that one day, if not more than a number of weeks, this bio-printer can implement assorted biomaterials with less waste production and also a very less risk production.

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