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The course starts on 01st March 2021

Course duration - 10 days

Course Fee - Indian Nationals - INR 3000/- (including GST) and for Foreign Nationals USD $ 75


Medical imaging seeks to reveal internal structures hidden by the skin and bones, as well as to diagnose and treat disease. Medical imaging also establishes a database of normal anatomy and physiology to make it possible to identify abnormalities. Although imaging of removed organs and tissues can be performed for medical reasons, such procedures are usually considered part of pathology instead of medical imaging.

What you will learn?

  1. What is the importance of imaging?

  2. To learn about the various techniques used in different equipment

  3. How did imaging connect with Human Anatomy?

  4. How to find a job in the biomedical imaging field??

Course Syllabus

The Basics of Biomedical Imaging course incorporates a case study which is introduced at the start of each session. This case study will follow a hypothetical patient required to undergo various diagnostic modalities for a medical condition.


For each session, we include information relevant to that modality and the basic scientific principles of imaging

Sessions include

  1. Radiography

  2. Magnetic resonance imaging

  3. Nuclear medicine

  4. Ultrasound

  5. Elastography

  6. Photoacoustic imaging

  7. Tomography

  8. Echocardiography

  9. Functional near-infrared spectroscopy

  10. Magnetic Particle Imagi


Each session will include several short quizzes which will not contribute to your final grade and will help you understand the key points.

To complete the course, the assessment is a marked quiz for each session that will contribute to your final grade, plus a final assessment called Assessment Scenarios at the end of the course. Assessment Scenarios involve reviewing 2 case studies/scenarios and answering questions related to  basic concepts on the biomedical field.

Points to Remember

1. Course fee payment will be requested to pay after your admission is confirmed by our company's coordinators through your registered Email ID

2. Admission Confirmation will intimate to you one week before of your course commencement

3. After your Registration Confirmation, Please Click the 'FEE PAY'option below and proceed to confirm your seat

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